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Foreign RN Sponsorship Initiative

We are happy to announce that Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) is seeking entry-level Registered Nurses.  MVHS and its Foreign RN Sponsorship Recruitment Team is now conducting direct-hire interviews for entry-level nursing positions at its new flagship state-of-the-art Wynn Hospital in Utica, New York. Hired candidates will be offered sponsorship for Employment-Based 3rd Preference Permanent Residency Visas under Schedule A, which results in a "Green Card."​

Wynn Radiology_edited.jpg
Wynn Hospital


  • Location: Downtown Utica, New York 

  • Hospital Size: The new hospital is expected to be 702,000 square feet.

  • Height: Ten stories.

  • Inpatient Unit: Total of 373 beds. Eight beds for Pediatric patients.

  • 501(c)3 Non-profit Healthcare Organization

  • Direct-hire Hospital, Labor Certification Sponsor Industry code: NAICS 622110

Filipino nurse, female RN

If you would like to learn more about MVHS, the new Wynn Hospital, and the RN career visit

If you want to apply for a direct-hire Registered Nurse position and employment-based sponsorship at the new Wynn Hospital in Utica, New York , please submit your resumé.


Acobal Global LLC will provide your resumé and credentials to the MVHS Human Resources Team, who will then review your application and contact you directly for a web-based video interview.

Bonuses and Benefits


MVHS is offering a sign-on bonus for entry-level and experienced RNs!


  • RNs with up to 3 years of relevant experience qualify for a $5,000 sign-on bonus.*

  • RNs with 3 or more years of relevant experience qualify for a $10,000 sign-on bonus*

*This bonus will be paid over the course of two years working at MVHS and will scale based on experience and employee status when hired. Submit your application and Join the team of talented MVHS nurses!

Other benefits include: RN preceptor incentive, 401(k) plus match; health, dental, life, and vision insurance; FSA and HSA accounts; paid time off; and tuition reimbursement.


Pay Range $33 - $48 HOURLY

Bedside experience is preferred, but not required. More information about the entry-level position is available here: MVHS International Recruitment Opportunities

All candidates must participate in a face-to-face job interview (via Zoom) with the MVHS talent acquisition team where both parties (the hospital and the nurse) can discuss the position offered, wages and benefits, and unit assignments. If you have bedside experience, assignments to units such as ED, OR, ICU, PSYCH, etc. that suit your work experience are discussed during the face-to-face job interview. 

Wynn Hospital is unionized under the New York State Nurses Association. A summary of benefits guaranteed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement are listed here:

Acoba Global evaluates immigration eligibility only, Acoba Global does not review medical experience. Acoba Global presents nurses to MVHS for interview and evaluation. MVHS is not a staffing agency or nurse registry. MVHS owns and operates Wynn Hospital. Wynn Hospital is a direct-hire healthcare facility (the Petition will show the Sponsor as NAICS 622100). All candidates sponsored by MVHS will report to Wynn Hospital for duty. Nurses do not pay any fees or costs to Acoba Global or MVHS:

  • No Wage Deduction

  • Sign-on Bonus Paid as Wages

  • No Contract Bond

  • No Placement Fee

  • No Processing Fee

  • Itemized accounting in real time

MVHS Website & Social Media Resources

Do your research. Take this opportunity to learn more about Mohawk Valley Health System and the Wynn Hospital. Visit their website. Look through their social media. Watch their YouTube videos and decide if the Wynn Hospital is where you want to work.

  • MVHS Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X
  • YouTube

​If you want to ask questions, we have Nurse Coordinators in the Philippines who would be happy to assist. Feel free to message Aido Rey Vasquez or Quennie Cuaresma.​



Utica is a city in the Mohawk Valley and the county seat of Oneida County, New York, United States. The tenth-most-populous city in New York State, Located on the Mohawk River at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains.


Send us your résumé today

If you would like to have a direct-hire U.S.-based healthcare provider review your qualifications for an EB-3 sponsorship opportunity as Registered Nurse, please use the submission button, below. 

If you have already started the résumé submission process, do not create another account. Instead, complete your existing application in the RN PORTAL

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