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  • What is the Immigration Process?
    The immigration process consists of the following five (5) phases: PHASE 1: Prevailing Wage Determination & Job Posting PHASE 2: Interview, Offer Acceptance, Document & Info Collection PHASE 3: I-140 Schedule A Petition PHASE 4: Visa Processing & Embassy Interview PHASE 5: Deploy to U.S.A. & Report for Duty Note that The Goodman Group also offers an NCLEX Assistance program, which is separate from Immigration Processing. If you would like to know more about the NCLEX Assistance program, please visit or send an email to Lizette Acoba.
  • What is the RN Portal?
    You will be given your own personal eImmigration Client Portal (“RN Portal”) account and can access it at There is also a button within this app or a tab on our website at You will use the RN Portal to upload your documents, answer immigration intake questions, and access documents and information in your case file.
  • How do I contact Ms. Quennie Eve G. Cuaresma?
    Quennie Cuaresma Nurse Coordinator +63/ 0999 194 3297 @qcuaresma ( Facebook/Messenger )
  • How to I contact Ms. Lizette Acoba?
    Marie-Lizette C. Acoba Paralegal/Office Manager +1/ 949-371-5253 ( cellphone/WhatsApp ) @acobaglobal ( Facebook/Messenger ) @acobaglobal ( Instagram/Twitter ) Mailing address 1 Carlina Irvine, California 92620 USA
  • How do I contact Sir Aido Ray Vasquez?
    Aido Rey Vasquez Nurse Coordinator +63 09177777611 @aidovasquez (Facebook/Messenger) Manila, Philippines
  • How do I contact Attorney James D. Acoba?
    James David Acoba Attorney at Law +1 (714) 863-1362 Mailing address 1 Carlina Irvine, California 92620 USA


Send us your résumé today

If you would like to have a direct-hire U.S.-based healthcare provider review your qualifications for an EB-3 sponsorship opportunity as Registered Nurse, please use the submission button, below. 

If you have already started the résumé submission process, do not create another account. Instead, complete your existing application in the RN PORTAL

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